What's A Travelnik? (AKA The About Page)


My name is Dean, and I'm a Travelnik!

This site will be a personal journal of my travels and adventures, also the preparations for them.

I'll be talking a bit about my sail boat, motorcycles and car, and the trips taken. Hopefully, I will have some photos that are worth publishing so that I can share my experiences with anyone that may be interested.

Why Travelnik?
Because Pat and Ali have Bumfuzzle.
Jim and Karen have Sockdolager.
So many others have great names that have become their "brand" so to speak, and I wanted something unique that I could get the dot com URL for.

I spent a lot of time researching boat names, and didn't want something ordinary (i.e. the typical 'clever' boat name that really isn't).
Many people have said that when you travel, people remember you by your boat name, such as: There go the Bumfuzzles, or I just spoke with the Sockdolagerians. So, I decided that I needed a better name than the one I was going to give my boat: Second Chance. The boat deserves better than that too.

I liked the Slovak word putnik, which means, wanderer, wayfarer, pilgrim. Unfortunately, the dot com was used, and I personally think it sounded too close to the word, putz.

I needed something that meant about the same thing, and incorporated the travel aspect into it. Therefore, Travelnik! It's also kind of a free-spirited sounding word, like beatnik. Plus, the boat is a Nomad!

I was surprised that I could get the domain name for it, but I did, and now people will be able to remember us as the Travelniks. Pretty cool, huh? Well, I thought it was anyway!

I also have my main website at: http://dirtroadcowboy.com/http://dirtroadcowboy.com/
That site has more info on me, my other adventures, my artwork and more.

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